About Us

Litigation Advisory

Quant Analytics provides litigation analytic support on disputes related to complex structured products and derivatives. This primarily involves sophisticated analyses and valuations for unwind disputes which have been instrumental in winning arguments in courts and tribunals.

Quantitative Advisory

Quant analytics provides quantitative solutions, derivatives modelling and valuation advisory services related to all asset classes. Thanks to our experience in structuring and valuing complex products, and our pioneering analytical techniques, we believe we can model and price almost any derivative. In addition, we have access to the most advanced analytic platforms and possess advanced proprietary models which can be tailored to your specific products.

Risk Management

Quant Analytics provides innovative and efficient risk management solutions to all types of corporations. Our risk management skills have been gained over years of structuring experience within major investment banks, and working on major advisory projects. We are able to combine the latest academic research with our experience in order to provide innovative and efficient risk management solutions.

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